Monday, September 24, 2007

Week 9 #23

I'm finished! I have enjoyed learning about most of the things we had to look at. I am a little disappointed that some of the assignments didn't work like they were supposed to, or didn't have clear directions. Maybe it was me. My favorite discovery was probably the RSS feed that I subscribed to on Bloglines so that I could get current information about where I live. I usually try to keep up with what's going on and this exercise did introduce me to new sites on the internet, some of which I will continue to use. Some unexpected outcomes that the program surprised me with.....some things didn't work, directions were not clear at times, how many sites there are, on the internet, that we don't know about but can be helpful....I thought that the library community in general would be better at checking and correcting problems with some of the sites that we were directed to use. I would have liked it if the program included myspace, facebook, IM. Websites that the general public use. I would participate in another learning experience if one were introduced. I think that there are lots of good things one can learn from this program.

Thing 9 #22

I looked at Overdrive and scrolled through all the books that were available. There were alot of waiting lists for some of the more popoular books. I would think that this would be disappointing to people who really wanted to listen to a book right away. It really is a great idea though. I'm going to go back at a later time and actually try to download a book.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Week 9 #21

I must say that when I looked at,,and Yahoo podcasts many times the links wouldn't open up. Quite frustrating! I spoke to another librarian and she had the same problem. I finally used and subscribed to the Library Channel. It is now attached to my bloglines. The thing I have found most useful for this exercise is the help of other librarians.

Week 9 #20

I've seen YouTube before but explored it more. It seems like some people who post, just want a little bit of fame. It is nice to use when looking for music videos and can be very entertaining. I don't really know what the library could use it for. I chose this video because I thought it was funny.

Friday, September 14, 2007

Week 8 #19

I was interested to see if there was a travel site on the Web 2.0 awards list that would give suggestions of what to see and do on vacation. I found a site that was supposed to do just that. It was and it was supposed to have Real users' advice about their travel experiences and a planner to help map out an ideal vacation. Let's just say that I was not impressed. After picking my North American destination, I narrowed it down to Baltimore after a few clicks. According to the site there isn't much to do in and around Baltimore??? Maybe there are other places that are more interesting and have more information. The concept is good, but I really didn't get much info from the site. Don't really see how this site was a winner. I guess the potential is there.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Week 8 #18

Well, I looked at some online productivity tools....both Zoho Writer and Google Docs. Great idea! I thought that maybe students, or whoever could use these interenet sites with their cell-phones. Just type something up on their phone, save it and print it out later. As one librarian said, it would be hard on their thumbs, but workable. I tried printing out the page to see what it would look like. Both sites had their address on the bottom of the page. Not good for handing in a paper, but if you are desperate, I guess you could cut and paste.

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Week 7 #16

Wikis allow people to develop websites without having any knowledge of HTML to create a site. Anyone can add to or edit your page, so if you like total control, wikis are not for you. People who are working on a project together might find wikis helpful. All the work could be put right on the site, and whoever wanted to add something to the site could add it at any time. The main problem is that there are lots of hands in the pot stirring things up. But, this could be a good thing too.